Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lot's of Christmas Fun!

This week we have been busy with our Christmas traditions!
Thursday night we went on our annual trip to Hubbard Park in Meriden to see the lights and ice cream treat afterwards. We brought along our friends the Welch's. We love the looks on the waitresses faces as four adults and ten children walk in.

Friday night the teens from church went to Mystic Seaport for the Lantern Light Tour. We carpooled with the Welch's and figured we could walk around Old Mystic Village while the teens were on their tour. Who would've thought that a gift shop kind of place would close at 8 PM the Friday before Christmas! We bumped into the Erickson family and  ended up carpooling over to Friendly's for some fries and hot cocoa.

Saturday Abby and I travelled to West Hartford to work on the 4-H Record Book committee. We are working with other 4-H leaders across the state to make the 4-H record books more user friendly.

Sunday was the big Christmas party at my mom's. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, second cousins... and lots of food! My grandfather passes out gifts to all the kids under the age of sixteen. Amazingly, Abigail is now too old for the Santa sack and she's a great grandchild!  I can remember when some of my siblings got a gift from the sack!

Abby and Hannah playing the Wii



Dante and Samantha playing air hockey

Grandpa Gorman as "Santa"


Samantha, Nathalie, Bridget, Hannah, Aunt Pat

Samantha, Nathalie, Rachel

Olivia and Rachel playing pool

Olivia, Rachel, Samantha

Rachel with Grandpa


Sunday night was also the Children's Christmas program. The girls all had parts either singing or saying lines. They were so cute! I put nearly 100 miles on the van that day!

Monday we took the girls to see the new Narnia movie. We hardly ever go to the theater so this was a special treat. We splurged and bought a huge bucket of popcorn for everyone to share. The movie was good, but the girls were commenting on how the book was better. It always is! I was glad to see they left in a lot of the spiritual messages of the book.

Tonight is the 4-H Christmas party and Friday is the Christmas Eve brunch. It's a busy time, but oh so much fun!
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