Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Christmas Eve Brunch

We are starting to plan our Christmas Eve Brunch!
This annual event began several years ago when I was so frustrated with Sam's firehouse schedule. For several years the fire department would change Sam's schedule right around the first of December, either through transfer lists, promotions, or changes in the contract. I decided we needed something for the girls to focus on, so we looked at finding a way to give a gift to all of our friends and family. We talked about what some of our favorite activities were and came up with visiting with friends and eating!

We chose Christmas Eve because everyone always seems to be rushing around that day. We figured a nice, relaxed brunch would start everyone's Christmas off right. The girls have a lot of fun pouring over recipe books, looking for new and exciting breakfast and brunch recipes. We make grocery lists and a list of what oven temperature each item needs. Then from that we work out an order of cooking and baking. We spend the week before making fruit breads and other things which can be made ahead of time. We stay up late the night before and get up very early the day of.

We invite everyone. Family. Friends. Neighbors. Last year we had over 80 people attend.

It is my favorite gift of the year. I love the time spent in the kitchen with my girls, passing on old traditions and making new ones. I love watching my girls learn that giving is better than receiving, that hospitality is a virtue, and that gifts of love and care last longer than anything bought in the store. I love just standing in my kitchen and hearing the buzz of happy conversations throughout the house.

So, you're all invited: Friday,  December 24th. It's "Open House" style from 8 AM to 11 AM. Come as early as you need and stay as long as you want. Bring your friends and family along too (that "six degrees of separation" is really cool to witness!). Truly, the more the merrier!

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