Saturday, January 1, 2011

Birthday at the Firehouse

The price for getting Christmas off was Sam had to work at the firehouse for his birthday: New Year's eve. We had planned an evening out for the night before. Unfortunately, Sam's brother has a broken leg and needed help unloading hay and then Sam got a call from one of his woodworking customers. They needed a job done immediately. So our plans were cancelled.

Since it was a last minute change, and we are used to last minute changes around here, we simply revised our plans. I told Sam we would do our evening out when he finished his shifts at the firehouse. Meanwhile, I hatched a plan to surprise him...

So New Year's Eve Day, I bought a cake (no time to make one as we were also helping a friend move that day!), and we drove an hour to the firehouse. He was truly surprised! We spent about an hour there eating cake and hanging out with "the guys". Sam showed us his birthday dinner: lobster! They had all chipped in to make his birthday special! The city started to get busy with calls, so we decided to head back home.
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