Monday, January 24, 2011

Kidding Season

Kidding Season is fast approaching here. So much to do now to get ready for all those baby goats!
The kidding stall needs to be emptied of the grain that has been stored there for the last several months.
The does who are kidding first need their CD & T vaccinations and their selenium/Vitamin E doses.
All the goat feet are being trimmed up.
The heat lamps are being found and checked for working bulbs.
All the "vet bag" equipment has been ordered.

Paladium is our first goat due. Her due date is Feb 6th but they can deliver five days on either side of their due dates. In past years our oberhaslis have generally gone 3-5 days past their due date. Judging by her size we are thinking just a single, maybe twins.

Moeeka is the next goat due on Feb 12th. She wouldn't cooperate for a picture, but we suspect she is carrying twins.

Next comes Venezuela, Hannah's doe. She is due Feb 13th and is our only Alpine. Hannah is really hoping for doelings. 'Zuela is HUGE! She no longer fits through the barn door if the chain to prevent the horse from going in is up. We are REALLY hoping she is having triplets and NOT two large bucks!

Kroquet is due Feb 14th, Fluorine on Feb 19th, and Lucy on Feb 20th. This is a picture of Kroquet and Lucy together. Probably just twins for each of them.

That is all the goats that are due in February. We have two due in March: Octavia on the 15th and Maggie on the 16th. Maggie will be TEN years old in April and this will be her 8th freshening! As you can see form her photo she has amazing longevity. Check out her pasterns! We are hoping for a buck and a doe from her this year.

Our last goat is due April 21st. Betty Ford is from last year's kidding and grew well enough that we decide to breed her as a doeling. There is no picture of her, because there really isn't anything to see.

Let's hope Connecticut is finished with this Arctic air BEFORE we are spending hours standing in a cold barn waiting on kids!
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