Saturday, February 12, 2011

4-H Public Speaking Competition

Our county has a large number of youth who participate in public speaking so it has been broken down into smaller regional competitions to determine who will go on to the county competition. Lebanon hosts one of the regional events, with two 4-H clubs alternating the responsibility each year. This was Great Goats' year off! While the numbers were down slightly this year, to nineteen competitors, it is still the largest regional competition in the county.

Because I am the meanest mom ever, I require our kids to participate in the competition as part of their 4-H and homeschool activities. Some of them love the competition, while others drag their feet, waiting until the morning of the event to scramble and write a speech.

Abigail has been working on an essay for college applications and several writing competitions that offer scholarships as awards. She decided to use her essay on "Responsibility As It Relates to God, Country, and Man" and did a very good job scoring a 92/95! She only lost points because she was swaying as she spoke.

Nathalie researched and wrote a speech describing all of the Apollo space missions. She also did a great job. The judges were impressed with her passion and knowledge of the topic and scored her an 86/95.

Hannah waited until the threat of consequences if she didn't complete the assignment was looming before she whipped up a speech on the United States Constitution. She clearly understood her topic but it was apparent to the judges that she was unpracticed and she scored a 72/95.

Rachel and Samantha were in the junior division. Rachel researched and spoke about Dressage. The judges enjoyed her enthusiasm for the topic and expressed amazement at her ability to pronounce some very tough words.

Samantha did a speech on Kyle Busch, the race car driver. In true Samantha fashion she was cute and added personal information (like: "Kyle Busch lives near my Meme's house in North Carolina") to make her speech interesting to the judges.

Great Goats and More 4-H club had eight youth participate in the event, with Matt L. winning in the senior division for his demonstration. Congratulations to all who had the courage to get up in front of judges and peers!
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