Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Handy Girls

We have many chickens that are older and are not producing eggs, yet they are consuming large quantities of grain. Since grain is not getting cheaper, we decided to ship the non-layers to auction, get a few bucks for them and not have to feed them.

When we checked on the requirements for bringing the birds to the auction, we discovered they wanted the chickens in wooden crates. No cardboard boxes allowed. They suggested the kind that vegetables and fruit come in. After several calls to the local grocery stores, we were unable to find any wooden ones.

Abby and Nathalie took it upon themselves to make wooden crates from scraps of wood in the garage. They used a hand saw to get the pieces to length and then hooked up Sam's pneumatic stapler to put them together. At first they loaded the stapler incorrectly and were worried that they would have to buy Dad a new one! But after some manipulation, we unjammed the stapler and got it loaded correctly.

They showed me their first completed one and then started to work on a second one. Abby says she wants the chickens "GONE"! I think they did a great job and I am thankful they both still have all their fingers!
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