Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Things

It was decided that we needed to separate Rachel and Samantha. They have shared a room since Samantha was born, and well, she's now nine. The hope is that putting Rachel with an older sibling will cause her to mature rather than her current M.O. of regressing down to Samantha's level. Here is Samantha's room which she now shares with Nathalie:

And as with most of my ideas and plans, this one has so far been a bust, as Samantha and Rachel now both hang out in Samantha's room. Rachel and Hannah now share the downstairs room and since they are both slobs, I didn't take a picture of it...

Here is Abby's new room which she now doesn't have to share. She bought these cute wooden filing things for all of her paperwork (4H, School, Scholarship stuff). She painted them to match her new room:

And here's her room:
And because the strap on my purse broke beyond repair (the girls informed me that the duct tape just didn't look cool), I splurged and bought a new purse:

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