Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I was cleaning out "THE Drawer" yesterday. You know, the one desk drawer where everyone stashes everything. The one where they say, "I'll put it here for now," knowing full well it'll never get where it truly belongs until Mom deals with it.

While putting all these things where they actually belong (mainly the trash can!), I came across a Mother's Day project that Rachel had made during her time in the public school. There is no date on it, but judging by the handwriting, it appears to have been from when she was nine or ten years old.

It's a small booklet with questions about mom that she either filled in the blanks or circled an answer for. Questions like:
I really like it when my mom ____________. She likes it when I __________.
Rachel answered "talks about the Lord" and "behave," respectively.
Pretty cool answers, I think.

On another page Rachel listed some ways that she and I are similar:
1. Glasses (we both wear glasses. Well, she's supposed to, and I'm blind if I don't)
2. Braces (I had them as a teen, she has them now)
3. Love Daddy. (altogether now, "Awwww!")

Next she was to provide an animal that most is like her mother.
Her response: a frog.

Frog? Bug-eyed and slimy? Really?

There is a page at the end titled, "Describing Mom". The directions state that the child is to circle six words from the extensive list that describe their mother. Rachel circled only two: outgoing and tired. Really?

She skipped right over loving, kind, smart, caring and happy? Okay. I am outgoing, but tired?

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