Friday, May 13, 2011

Sometimes You're the Bug

This week has been one of "windshield versus bug" moments, with the bug being us and the windshield winning nearly every time.

Without going into the gory details the stories involve: a missing goat, a broken down car, a broken lawn mower, a really old family dog, several frustrated teenagers, a weary mom, a tired dad, and needy in-laws.

The thing is, in the midst of all this... stuff, God gives us moments. Moments where we can catch our breath, breathe in His peace, and thus refreshed, press on.

Yesterday we took a walk at the Connecticut College Arboretum. We were there to observe and sketch wildflowers (which are oh so handily identified with both their common and scientific names) for an impromptu science field trip. We also did some letterboxing and found two boxes.

The weather for the day was absolutely glorious. We couldn't have picked a more perfect day for a wildflower walk.  A slight breeze, and sunshine which was just warm enough that you had to tie your sweater around your waist.

The intricacies of creation are astounding. So many different types of flowers, leaves, trees, shrubs, and animals. We saw squirrels, bees, chipmunks, a great blue heron, and turtles. God's creation is amazing! It causes me to be in total awe of Him. He created this beautiful, intricate, creative, and awesome world, so that we would be, well, in awe of Him!

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