Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pictures of Hatching Turkeys

While our turkeys were hatching (I know! It was nearly two weeks ago!), my camera battery was dead. My wonderful (amazing, devoted, loving, awesome... you get the idea) husband found my battery charger (under a HUGE stack of paperwork, textbooks, and flashcards, next to the printer... AHEM! children?) and recharged the battery. So, I am now getting around to posting the pictures we took of the chicks coming out of their shells.

Turkey chick number three just starting.

A little more...
Almost out!

Four chicks hatched. The BBQ ad is so they know their destiny...

Chick number five. Ugly little things...

The last one.

Nearly out.

Seven chicks hatched out of a clutch of twelve eggs.
Once they dried off and fluffed out, they become a little more cute.
Now at almost two weeks old they are nearly feathered out. They are still in the basement  because we have had nights in the low 40 degrees lately. As soon as we start getting truly June weather around here, they will be outside in a coop where they can fatten up for the next 6- 8 weeks. We also have an additional seventeen turkey eggs (from 2 different clutches) in the incubator (farmers keep running over hens in their hay fields and bringing us the eggs). Thanksgiving dinner is covered this year!
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