Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What Isn't Done

This is a list of what hasn't been done, that should have been done. Some of it should have been done a few days or weeks ago. Some that should have been done months ago, and even some that should have been done years ago.

The garden hasn't been turned over. Which means the garden hasn't been planted. Not that it matters since the seeds haven't been started, or even purchased for that matter.

The barn hasn't been painted. But that is waiting for the window (that the goat busted 2 years ago) to be replaced. Oh, and the paint to be purchased.

The back fence hasn't been put up. That chore is waiting for a good weather day when Sam isn't working one of his many jobs. Basically, when the planets align. At least, the fence and posts have been purchased.

The garbage hasn't been taken to the dump. It costs us $2.00 per barrel to dump our garbage. That's IF we don't have anything big or bulky to throw away. I think there's about $20 worth out there. Again, we're waiting for a day when it isn't raining AND my husband isn't working.

We haven't done school for a few days. Memorial Day and a goat show in New York interrupted my schedule. I like to think we learned geography and socialization skills.

The laundry hasn't been finished.
The laundry will never be finished.

Curriculum for next school year hasn't been ordered. I am still debating about which Spanish curriculum to use, and until I decide I can't complete my order.

The front deck hasn't been built. We have this phrase we use around here: "temporarily permanent", and it's counterpart: "permanently temporary". We have the front stairs with this bridge-like attachment that connects the stone walkway with the house. Sam built this about five years ago, temporarily, until he could get around to building the deck.
Yup, it's permanently temporary at this point.

The lawn hasn't been mowed. After all the rain we have had, it's nearly a foot high. I started it yesterday, but ran out of gas having only completed the section right in front of the house.

The hay baler hasn't been fixed. In that same category, the hay rake needs repairs too. Hay season is upon us, so maybe, just maybe, this will get done before my father-in-law does his first cutting.

I could go on, but really? I think this list is long enough. The goal for today is to get some school done, and maybe make a decision about Spanish.

I know... such ambition!
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