Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kind Of Quiet

A lot of changes have happened in the last few weeks. I was making out my list of chores for the families that will be taking care of our animals this week. I also had to re-work the chore chart for the girls now that Abby has a "real job" working the early morning shift at a local dairy farm. I realized that it has gotten kind of quiet around here.
The list of chores has grown significantly smaller and it was definitely reflected in this weeks grain bill: only $45!! Sam built a turkey run for the young turkeys and last night was their first night outside. (We'll see how many survived the night!) We're only milking eight does now, the calf has been butchered and the horse is at her new home.

It has been decided that after Nationals, Sam and I will be slimming down our herd. We have five does and a buck that are in our name. We haven't decided which does to sell, but we have agreed to offer them to our girls first. They know that if they own more than two goats, they are paying for their grain, so they are thinking long and hard about it.

Abby has one doe that is sold and goes to her new home after Nationals, so she'll be down to four does and a buck. Samantha has just one doe and Hannah has her two Alpines. With the goat herd getting smaller, the grain bill should go down even more.

The amount of chores that are here is so much less. We're thinking that maybe, just maybe, we can go on a mission trip in October. We'll have to wait and see if we can save the money needed to do it, but it is beginning to look hopeful!
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