Friday, July 15, 2011

Making Lists and Checking Them Twice

The American Dairy Goat Association's national show is in just a few days!

There are several lists currently swirling around our home. Nathalie has her menu list and corresponding grocery list. She's found some new recipes she wants to try out: 4-H Pizza Burgers and a Cheeseburger pie.

Abby has her list for which goats have been clipped and which ones need feet trimmed. She also has her tack box list and vet bag list.

Hannah has the "What needs to get put in the camper" list. It's pretty extensive since we'll be gone for more than just a weekend. That list also includes things like animal feed, farm signs, and animal paperwork.

I finished the "Animal Care" list and emailed it out to all of the families who will be taking over the chores here. There is also the "Show clothes" check-off chart and "Show box" check-off sheet.

Then there is the list of stuff that needs to be done the day we leave, since we'll have house guests while we are away.

Another list is the list of books, etc. that the girls will need to bring to continue doing their schoolwork. The show is 7 days long, but we aren't showing for a lot of it. So, I scheduled some light days of school to keep them occupied.

There is the list of books on CD that they want me to get from the library for them. We'll also be bringing the DVD player and teeny-tiny television, so there will also be some movie nights. Which reminds me, I need to tell Nathalie to add "popcorn" to her grocery list....
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