Thursday, August 11, 2011

Campfire Countdown

It's almost here! The weather is looking fantastic: cooler and not humid. The skies should be clear. The moon will be big and bright which will mean we will only be able to see the biggest meteors.

But wait! There's more!

The International Space Station will also be "flying by"! The ISS is scheduled to flyover our area at 10:04 PM on Friday night. With the moon as bright as it is, if the ISS is high enough off the horizon, it should be very visible and bright.

We still have work to do before tomorrow evening: the back yard needs to be mowed and the weed-whacking too. The older girls will be cleaning the barn today. I will be doing the last minute food shopping, while the little girls (I gotta come up with another name for them, they are not so little anymore!) dig out the decorations and volleyball net.

To add to the chaos, the girls are entering some items in the Lebanon Fair exhibit hall, and the entries need to be delivered today. Then some of them are making food entries which need to be made and delivered tomorrow morning.

There was something else that needed to be added to my list. I thought of it as I fell asleep last night. Now I don't remember what it was!

See you all tomorrow night!
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