Monday, August 8, 2011

Counting Blessings

1. the first week of our "new" school year is done.
2. everyone, so far, likes their curriculum.
3. everyone is on schedule.
4. we got some much needed rain.
5. the yard got mowed.
6. the power bill was less than I thought it would be. (Remember last month and the heat waves...?)
7. the Lebanon Fair is this weekend!
8. the Lebanon Fair is this weekend and we are NOT showing goats.
9. our Campfire party is this Friday!
10. the weather looks good for Friday!
11. no animals got sick from our week at Nationals.
12. Sam took down some more trees and no one got hurt.
13. I got free garden soil from the town dump.
14. there's a hosta sale at Fourth Generation Nursery at the end of the month
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