Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene

We are currently on generator power. We lost one huge tree in the yard. It managed to land squarely on the garden gate; the one thing in the garden that actually had some value. The plants are squished, but we did manage to salvage six tomatoes. Another tree lost its top half and will have to come down soon. The top branches landed on our green "garage-in-a-box" shed that houses some of our hay. We had thrown tarps over the hay inside it prior to the storm in anticipation of leaks, so none of the hay was damaged. The frame of the shed is bent though and may not be salvageable.

They are not giving any estimates as to when the power will come back on. We run the generator for a  few hours a day to re-cool the fridge and power the computer. In a few minutes I'll be firing up the campfire and making a veal stew in the cast iron dutch oven for dinner tonight. We'll be inviting the neighbors over for roasted marshmallows this evening.

A neighboring farm with large generators has offered us water, if we need it for the animals. We had stored nearly 100 gallons before the storm, but that is quickly depleting. If the power isn't on by tomorrow, we'll be taking them up on their offer.

Prior to the storm Rachel and Samantha were all excited about the possibility of the power being out. They thought "living like in the 1800's" would be fun. Here we are not 24 hours into it, and the novelty has worn off!
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