Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Senior Oberhaslis at Nationals

I'm checking the books to make sure we're in the right classes on Tuesday morning.

Best three Oberhasli Seniors

Cedars of Lebanon Betty Ford placed 5th in the yearling milker class

Cedars of Lebanon Ladybird and Cedars of Lebanon Betty Ford

The girls kept track of dates for freshenings and ages on their hands. 

Oberhasli Daughter and Dam class.

Cedars of Lebanon Fluorine placed 17th in the 2 year old milkers.

Tuesday morning.

Cedars of Lebanon Ladybird placed third in the class with the first place udder.

Heaven's Hollow Lucille

Rose Barry Maggie (10 years old with 8 freshenings!) placed second
with the second place udder in the 7+ milkers class.

Maggie's second place gave Abby the chance to stand in the Best Senior Oberhasli line-up!

4M Gateway Moeeka placed 9th in the 5 and 6 year old milker class.

Moeeka and Lucy

Oberhasli Dairy Herd

West view Octavia placed 13th in the 3 year old milkers.

Abby's Tails Paladium in 16th for the 2 year old milkers

Cedars of Lebanon Fluorine and Abby's Tails Paladium. Note Hannah's expression: we were using hand signals to try and get her to move Flo forward and set her up better.
She clearly didn't understand!

Samantha nearing the end of a long day of showing.

Mrs. Peck brought us some neat books to read!
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