Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Windham County 4-H fair 2011

Because we were at Nationals during New London County's 4-H Fair, we attended Windham County's 4-H fair. Abby and Hannah each needed to show a goat in order to fulfill the requirements for attending the Big E 4-H show in the fall. Nathalie participated in the dog show, but it didn't qualify her for the Big E, so she'll have to attend the Hartford County 4-H Fair in a few weeks, in order to qualify.

Hannah and Abby both took first place in showmanship for the goats, Hannah in Juniors and Abby in Seniors. Abby won the overall goat showmanship award and so participated in the Premier Showmanship competition. This competition requires each competitor to show from each of the species represented. In Windham county's case it was: Working Steer, Beef, Dairy cow, Horse, Goats, Sheep, Chickens, and Rabbits. I missed taking pictures of Abby showing the horse and the working steer because I was so intently watching her, I forgot about taking pictures! Abby was amazing with the working steer; she finished the course and was able to back them up!

Showing Beef

Showing Dairy

Showing Sheep

Showing Goats

Showing Rabbits

Showing Chickens


Nathalie showed Pippi in the Showmanship, Obedience, Agility, and Costume classes. Pippi was great and didn't run away even once! We are excited for what she and Pippi can do in a few weeks at the Hartford County 4-H Fair dog show!

Pippi on recall.
Exercise finished!

Showmanship Champion!

Obedience Grand Champion

Costume Class Winner
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