Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Tactic

The girls have fallen behind in their schoolwork over the last month. Partly it was fair season and we had some big ones which took more time to prepare for than what I had allowed on the schedule. Partly I was busy with other things and didn't forcibly make them do their work. Mostly they are still kids and would sneak off with a book any chance they got rather than do their schoolwork.

Some were only a few days behind, others were still working on August's assignments.

So I adjusted the schedule of assignments (LOVE Homeschool Tracker for the ability to reschedule assignments with merely a few clicks of the mouse!) and we basically skipped the month of September. Now you would think after I made an entire month of school disappear, my children would be happy to dive into their schoolwork and show me their appreciation with their studiousness.

You'd think wrong.

So now "Mean Mom" is back in town. No longer do I chase, nag or remind them about their assignments. Now I simply announce how many assignments must be completed and graded before lunch. If the required number hasn't been achieved by the time lunch is served, you're working through lunch. When you have completed the items, you may eat. Only took missing one meal for them to catch on.

Always said they were bright kids.

Or just really motivated by food.

I have now expanded my repertoire of limits. "If you haven't completed X number of assignments by the time I leave for the library at 1PM, you don't go." Along with "Complete X assignments before you get to watch a movie. The movie gets started at 8PM, whether you're ready or not." I am sure I will come up with some more as the month progresses.

It seems to be working. I haven't pulled a child reading a pleasure book, out from behind the couch in days.  Some are completely caught up, and the rest of them are within days of being current with their assignments.

"Mean Mom" prevails again!
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