Monday, October 3, 2011

Samantha's Birthday

I can't believe my "baby" is double digits! Samantha turned ten while we were at the Big E. She thought having her birthday at the Big E was a cool way to celebrate until one of her sisters told her that she would always have her birthday at the Big E. The 4-H goat portion of the Big E is always the last weekend of September.

For her birthday, Nathalie made a special chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. She even bought special sugar decorations to put on top, since the last time we smuggled lit candles into the barn we almost got in trouble! Samantha decided that having her birthday in the barn wasn't so bad. It was pretty cool that once we started singing to her, practically the whole barn joined in and applauded! The 4-H goat kids are an awesome group of kids, and many of them stopped to wish her a happy birthday all day long.

When we got home from our long weekend, Samantha pulled out a calendar and figured out that she won't be celebrating her birthday at the Big E in 2013, since the 30th will fall on a Monday that year.
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