Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Great Tape Escape

Forget the Elf on the Shelf, we're playing the Great Tape Escape in our house.

Every year around Thanksgiving time I buy a 3-pack of scotch tape and it gets put on my bedside table in my room. Every morning, before the kids get up, I will wrap a gift or two and stash them in the "North Pole". I would be able to wrap more than one or two every morning, IF the tape didn't migrate!

Here we are just fifteen days from Christmas and I am already down to one roll of tape. Apparently during the day, when no one is watching, the tape grows legs and goes for a stroll. I just spent ten minutes this morning tracking it down.

The first place I looked was in the living room where the incoming Christmas cards get hung, with tape. Abby heard me complaining about "migrating tape" from her bed and proclaimed it was on her desk. She had used it for a project. I entered her room and turned on the lights, sputtering about people needing to return things when they are finished with them. The tape was not on her desk. It had undoubtedly become disgusted with the mess on her desk and moved on to parts unknown.

At this point Sam was leaving for work and tried to assist in the search. He looked in our bedroom, just in case I had missed it somehow. Remember, Sam is my husband. This means he's a guy. This means he often can't find his keys that are on top of his bureau. Or the garlic powder in the spice cupboard. Or the half and half in the refrigerator. But I appreciated his efforts anyway.

A few minutes later, I discovered the tape: on top of the "honey cupboard" in the kitchen. We still don't know (and may never know) how it got there, but I'm sticking with my growing legs theory.
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