Monday, January 9, 2012

A First!

You would think at my age there would be no more "firsts". And yet, I achieved a first this weekend. I broke my first bone! Somehow I made it through a childhood of riding bikes, roller skating, climbing trees, and building forts in the woods, without breaking one single bone in my body.

Saturday I busted my middle toe walking down the hallway. I stubbed my foot into a stack of plastic totes. In my defense it was early in the morning, dark, and I was on my way to get my first cup of coffee. The pain when I "kicked the bucket" was intense and dropped me to the floor. Very quickly I realized the toe was at an odd angle and I re-set it. I had Hannah tape it to another toe and figured I'd be okay. Really, what can they do for a busted toe anyway? I iced it to reduce the swelling and tried my best to stay off of it.

By the afternoon I couldn't put any weight at all on it. By the next morning, it was very swollen and black and blue further up my foot. Sam called to inform me that he wasn't coming home from the firehouse, so I informed him of my foot. He advised that I get an x-ray.

My good friend Lynn drove me to the ER and we spent the next 3+ hours having a wonderful time of fellowship. I think we pretty much solved all of the world's problems. The x-ray confirmed that my toe was indeed broken; further down and a worse break than I had assumed. But, the doctors and nurses were impressed that I had set it myself and judging by the x-ray did a perfect job of it. They all looked at me funny and asked if it hurt when I did it. Um... yeah.

So now my toes are taped together, my foot is in one of those "boot" things, I am supposed to use crutches, and stay off my foot for the next two weeks. Let's just say setting my toe was easier to deal with then having me do nothing. Lynn's husband (a PA) explained that if I don't stay off my foot and the bones displace, I'll need surgery to fix it. Since I have a great dislike for surgery, I'm following doctor's orders as best I can.

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