Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Project

With the 4-H "Love Your Neighbor" event looming on the horizon, and donations trickling in, we've decided to get crafty and create some door prizes. Using Google and Pinterest we came upon this neat idea:

Valentine's Day tulle wreath... get a kid to make for a door prize.

It looked simple enough, and it was! We changed the design a smidgen as the wire wreathe frames were rather pricey. We purchased a Styrofoam wreathe, two yards of pink tulle, and some cute little floral pick accents. Someone had given us a whole bolt of white tulle which has come in quite handy! The girls cut strips of tulle that were about 2"- 3" wide and about 12" long. We tied the strips in double knots around the frame like this:

Added the picks, a way to hang it, and  VOILA!

We created one out of green and white tulle and shamrocks also. It took about 2 hours, from start to finish, with the most time consuming part being the cutting of the tulle. The cost was about $7. It would be around $10 if we'd had to buy the white tulle.
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