Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Last night Nathalie and I sat down to go over her transcripts and plan what courses she would like to take starting in June. Since we school year-round, our year goes from mid-June to mid-June. We take December off completely and have a "slow-down" time in March to allow for kidding season. In reviewing Nathalie's classes the she either has completed, or will complete, by June, we discovered that Nathalie has done a lot of work!

Because Nathalie doesn't own any goats and doesn't have the spontaneous disruptions that goats create, she didn't have a "slow-down" time. She brought her schoolwork with her to fairs and because she didn't show any animals, schooled through the weekends. She kept working at her own steady pace and since the lesson plans were already created using Homeschool Tracker, I just added the next lesson plan subject to her schedule as she completed subjects.

By June she will have completed:

3 Units of English: American Lit; British Lit; and World Lit. Plus a 1/2 Unit of Public Speaking
3 Units of Math: Pre-Algebra; Algebra 1; and Geometry
5 Units of Science: Biology with Lab 1 and 2; Chemistry with Lab 1 and 2; and CP Astronomy
4 Units of History/Soc. Studies: American- Columbus to Reconstruction; American- Late 1800's to Present;  
                                                World Geography; and CP Greek and Persian Wars
2 Units of Foreign Language: Latin 1 and Spanish 1
1 Unit Fine Arts: CP Art Appreciation
2 Units of Bible
1/2 Unit of Typing/Computer Lit
1/2 Unit of Food and Nutrition

(CP denotes a college level course)

We gave Nathalie the choice of graduating this June with Abby and a few other teens from our church or waiting until next June when she could graduate all by herself. She chose to graduate this year and plans on getting a job and attending the local community college in the fall with Abby.

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