Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another Kidding

Hannah's doe: Venezuela had her kids the other day. Well, I should say the other night. All of the kiddings that I have been home for have ended up being at night.

In the dark.
In the cold.

The one kidding I wasn't home for happened during the day.

It was sunny.
It was warm.

Anyway, this kidding was a little tricky as the first kid (a buckling weighing in at 10.5 pounds!) was breech with one of his back legs tucked up underneath himself. I spent a few minutes wrestling with him and I managed to get his legs straightened out and he delivered just fine.

By wrestling I mean: Me, in short sleeves,  hand and arm, bathed in betadine solution and cold lubricant. My arm, nearly up to my elbow, inside the doe, trying to maneuver limbs in a very tight space that every minute or so became very much tighter. Did I mention it was chilly?

The second kid (a doeling weighing a nice 9.5 pounds), appeared head first (thank goodness!) but had one leg bent back beneath her. We opted to deliver as such and not try to rearrange her. Venezuela decided mid- delivery that she would rather drink her water. Seriously, she had a kid hanging out of her and she walked over to the bucket to drink!

 Hannah has named them Swamp Maple Sokka and Swamp Maple Katara. Apparently they are the hero and heroine from a show called The Last Airbender? I am so out of the loop...

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