Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Brother

Yesterday we laid my brohter John to rest. Such funny words we use to describe death.

While John may be gone, I know he will live on in my heart. I will see him in my children, because a piece of him is within them.

Abby has his big dreams and big plans. Like John she has the great idea and worries about the details later. It was so wonderful to listen to my brother-in-law Brandon talk with Abby about her plans and to give her advice about how to fill in those details.

Nathalie has his love of cooking. She will always carry with her the memories of how John taught her things in the kitchen. I loved watching my brother Tom  and brother Andy step in to John's shoes this week and show Nat how to chop garlic.

Hannah has John's generous-to-a-fault nature. Anyone wants something, she's ready, willing, and able to give more than was asked. This whole week was filled with moments of seeing her step up to the task, and then some.

Rachel has his no-holds-barred nature. If she thinks it, she speaks it or does it, with no thought to the consequences. And like John, it usually turns out to be a good story in the end.

Samantha. Samantha was labelled, "My John," when she was just a year old and had gotten her second concussion. She continued to live up to the name with more trips to the ER than any other Smith kid. She's my daredevil. My mischievous one.

I miss you John, but I'll remind my kids often how they make me remember you.
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