Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Tree 2012

It has been a struggle to get into the Christmas spirit around here. Each of the girls has so many things going on and Sam's schedule is it's usual chaotic mess. Throw in the emotional turmoil of the past year and well, some of us were dragging feet about getting the tree. Sam really wanted all of us to do it together, concerned that next Christmas could find our girls even more spread out than they are now.

And so we gathered the eager (Abigail), the non-committal (Nathalie), the anti-tree (Hannah), with the reluctant (Rachel), and the forever-bouncy (Samantha), from their various locations across eastern Connecticut. We decided to try a new place this year and drove to the Allen Hill Tree Farm.

After much debate about which tree was "THE" tree, Sam cut the one that most of us agreed on. Abby declared that for the fifth year in a row, we had not chosen HER tree! We brought our tree home and began to set up and decorate it. Thankfully, the previously less than enthusiastic ones came around and all got in on the goofy fun. We even figured out how to use the timer on the camera and get a halfway decent photo of all of us together.

Sam prepares the tree for the stand.

Samantha sets up the nativity.

The tree goes in the stand Grandpa Smith built 50+ years ago.

Abby keeps the tree straight while Sam anchors it in the stand.

Cleaning up the mess before decorating the tree.

Abby and Samantha put on the lights.

Hannah made this sign so we don't burn the house down.

Samantha untangles (or tangles??) the garlands.

Nathalie puts the angel on top.

Pippy wanted to join the party.

At this point Pippy has changed her mind!

Awkward family photo!

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