Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Goats

The goats were happy to have the temperature be above zero degrees, so they came out of the barn for some photo ops!

West View Octavia bred to California Lord Kelvin, Due March 8th

Abby's Tails Paladium (in the foreground) bred to Kelvin and due March 15th
Abby's Tails Paski Sir (brown goat in background) bred to Abby's Tails Larry Boy, due Feb 18th.
White goat= Swamp Maple Barcelona bred to Kelvin, due April 22nd.

Owl-Ridge Nite Lite bred to Kelvin, due March 12th

Cedars of Lebanon Dollymadison bred to Kelvin, due Feb. 18th.

West View Octavia

Dolly and the doelings

Paladium, not due til MARCH!

Cedars of Lebanon Rodoric, bred to Blue-Ridge Mohawk, due Feb 19th.

Abby's Tails Raclette bred to Kelvin, due Feb 17th.

West View Okra bred to Kelvin, due March 8th

Swamp Maple Katara and Abby's Tails Cruella De Vil, not Bred.

Cedars of Lebanon Jessie, not bred.

Paski Sir with Raclette in the background.

Nite Lite

Dolly (left) and Paladium (right)

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