Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sewing Room

The sewing room was next on my list for cleaning. The sewing room was confused. It was a sewing room, but it was an office supply room too. It also was the 4-H "stuff" room. We took a few days and worked slowly to straighten it all out. 4-H was given its own section of the room and the office supplies are now out with the computer and printer.

I made Abby clean the window. It was kind of gross. The boxes hold patterns organized by person.
 I need to make some new curtains for the window.

This corner needs a little more work, but it's the ribbon, thread and current projects area.

Shelves for 4-H stuff, old tax papers, and craft supplies.

Sewing machine table, shelf of fabrics and sewing books.

All rick-rack, bias tape, and hem tape are organized by color in this repurposed shoe  organizer.

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