Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Kitchen

The first step in my New Year's resolution was to overhaul my kitchen. With the girls in public school we needed to make an area for lunches. I also had way too many pots and pans and serving utensils than even a family our size could possibly use.

So we started by taking everything out of the all of the cupboards and drawers, and stacking it all in the living room and dining room. Next we scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom. Every drawer, every cupboard. We even moved the fridge and did underneath and behind it ::: shudder:::

We then organized the kitchen by activities: cooking, coffee, eating, washing, etc. The girls all worked hard and the kitchen looks amazing! Next week we'll tackle the laundry room/pantry/off-season storage room.

The "Lunch" drawer has the parts needed for making school/work lunches.

The "Lunch" cupboard, underneath the lunch drawer, has the storage containers, and microwavable dry goods. The lunch boxes will be hung on hooks on the inside of the cupboard door, as soon as I get them.

This cupboard will be for the baking pans, loaf pans, cake pans, etc. It was rusty and nasty so we spray painted it with what we had on hand: Rustoleum black.
It was a might chilly with all the windows and doors open to vent the fumes!

Under the sink now only contains items for washing dishes and three vases.
I'll be getting a wastebasket for underneath to hide the recyclables.

The "Coffee" area includes the coffee maker and tea maker. The bottom shelf has everything that goes with those activities. The other kitchen staples are on the upper two shelves.

Bottom shelf for prescriptions, middle shelf for Nathalie's cake decorating supplies, and top shelf for Nat's recipe tins.

Pared down the glasses to 16 that sort of match and reduced the number of mugs to equal the number of cup hooks.

Pots and pans are no longer in the lazy susan cupboard where the lids always fell to the back and couldn't be reached.

Paper products and mixing bowls in the cupboard.

My old honey cabinet is now storage for baggies, foils, and cookbooks. The potholders will be hung on hooks inside the door, once I get them.

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