Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Laundry Room

SO it was decided that we couldn't wait until Saturday to do the laundry room. Too much to do on Saturday and we needed to food shop on Thursday. Since the laundry room is also the pantry, it made sense to get that room sorted and organized BEFORE going food shopping.
Everything removed from the laundry room and piled in the basement.
We look like we belong on an episode of Hoarders!

We washed down every shelf, the walls and the floor. Found a lovely surprise of maple syrup spilled down behind the oil tank. That was so much fun to clean. NOT! Then we sorted through everything, keeping what we REALLY need.

Christmas on the upper left. Chafing dishes etc. on upper right. 

Built-in ironing board!

Mom and Dad gave us a nearly new dryer that they weren't using! Ours was making some horrendous noises! 
Good dishes are stored safely with room for more!
Laundry baskets for clean laundry and bed sheet storage.

Pantry shelves are all organized!

Laundry soap next to the washing machine. What a concept!

Jars for goat milk and cheese making supplies.
Abby took a truck load of stuff to Goodwill tonight. There's about 6 huge bags of garbage to go to the dump on Saturday! Next week is a busy week, but Hannah is home from school on Thursday and Friday, so I'll have an extra helper to tackle the OFFICE Area!
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