Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hannah and Samantha had ordered 15 chicks a few months ago for showmanship competitions in 4-H. All but one survived to the time when they were old enough to be moved to the barn. Sadly, once moved to the barn, "something" discovered them and killed all but four. So Hannah and Samantha ordered more chicks which arrived week ago.

Yesterday morning one of the surviving chicks from the first batch was dead and one was looking iff-y. Hannah separated it from the flock, hand fed it and put it in the mudroom where it could be monitored.

By yesterday afternoon it had perked up enough that it was able to get out of it's box. It went into the box where the new chicks were and began to "mother" them. Hannah was able to get some really cute photos:

There are more chicks tucked under her wings.

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