Friday, August 2, 2013

A New Perspective

Jumbles of thoughts occasionally coalesce.
Putting pencil to paper, and the cohesion vaporizes.
Awkward wording doesn't do justice to the awareness that has dawned.
But it is all that I have.

Grieving a loss.
Innocence lost.
No longer naive.
We are not immune.

I am angry, but it is more than that.
I am massively sorrowful.
Rebellion pierces the heart.

A new perspective gained:
God grieves over sin,
even more deeply than I.

If my heart is broken,
how much moreso is His?

If I desire to see true repentence,
A change of heart,
An understanding of the ugliness of sin,
How much greater is His desire for the same?

I would die to keep them from what is to come:
the consequences of their sinful choices.

God whispers:
"You don't have to. I already did."

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