Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Annual Campfire!!

The Campfire Party is almost here. This is a party we have been throwing for about 7 or 8 years (we skipped last year). This year it has an added twist as Nathalie will be leaving for Bob Jones University in South Carolina about ten days later.

Nathalie is going all out with the menu as her "Last Hurrah":
 A sweet s'mores buffet AND a savory s'mores buffet (this looks amazing: roast a ball of mozzarella over the fire, slide it onto a garlic flavored cracker, top with a slice of tomato and add another cracker! She has other varieties dreamed up too!)
 campfire cupcakes
 4 types of salads
pulled chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs (of course!)
ham and Swiss cheese dip (a favorite of the North Stonington fair goat show kids)
and a huge variety of appetizers.

So I thought I would post some pictures of Campfires from years past. By the way, you are all invited to come Saturday from 5PM- 10PM. Just RSVP by Thursday so we have enough food.

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