Monday, October 14, 2013

Just Come...

I post a lot of stuff on my blog, a lot of it is family and farm related, but sometimes I get personal. I would like to think my beliefs come through my writings. I hope people who read this know where I stand on things like God, the Bible, salvation, heaven and hell.

 Have you ever wondered why I do and say, what I do and say? Why do we choose to not work on Sunday's? Why do we pray before we eat, even when we are in public? Why do I defer to my husband in most decisions? And while I am not perfect, (I manage to screw up and contradict myself and the Bible on a daily basis) I keep trying to live a life that is honoring to God.

 If you have ever wondered why, then come this week to my church. Every night at 7PM we are having meetings with a special preacher from North Carolina. He will show you why I am the way I am. You will hear what it is that compells me to keep trying. You will see what it is that gives me hope even when things are simply falling apart around me.

 If your life isn't everything you wish. If you keep thinking to yourself, "There HAS to be something more than this," then come. If you are just curious about who God is, or if you wonder what happens at the end of this life, then come.

 You will not be disappointed.
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