Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's All About Chuck Day 2013

So today was "It's All About Chuck Day". Back in 2008 I wrote a blog post about how "Chuck Day" got started:

We did Chuck Day without both Nathalie (at college) and Abigail (at work). Hannah, Rachel and Samantha worked hard and we managed to get rid a whole lot of "stuff".
Sorting the books into three piles: KEEP, DONATE TO COUSINS, and GOODWILL.

About halfway through putting the books back on the dusted shelves.

Sorting the markers. Each one got tested with the "dead" ones being thrown away.

Sorting through the DVD's, CD's, and computer games. We even found some old cassette tapes I had "mixed" when I was in high school!

Samantha sharpened all the pencils before sorting them into the cans.

Hannah is rearranging the electronics to better hide all the cords. The pile in the lower corner is all the stuff we still needed to sort thorugh.

Rachel and Samantha sort through the legos and kitchen toys while Hannah sweeps behind the two shelves we were able to throw out by thinning out the board games and puzzles.

A bucket of doll clothes and toy horse stuff was all that was left to sort through!
The finished bookshelf!
The finished product! Good for another year!
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