Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Time For Every Season

Patches the calf goes to slaughter today. The goats are drying off. Just two more goats need to get bred. Life around here is slowing down to a moderate pace and so begins my time of leisurely pursuits.
I love the fall season. Not just for it's colors and cool weather, but also for the slowing down of things. The garden is harvested, canned or frozen. The freezer is stocked with meat. The firewood is split and stacked under cover, and the livestock are reduced in number and are less time consuming.
I now have time for things that are "extras". None of them are "must do's" or have a deadline attached to them. I can work on them at my pace, as I feel inspired. I'll work on genealogy projects, visit the local library and read more books, and take up some sewing projects that are purely creative and stretch my abilities.
I'll spend time sitting on my front deck soaking in the sun and the amazing smell of fall leaves. I'll make lists of all the things the Christmas season will require: gifts, annual brunch, Chuck Day, etc. I'll plan out the 4-H year for our club. This year should be so much fun with so many new members and new projects to try out.
This fall, we'll start planning and organizing for Abby and Justin's wedding. Next summer is going to be super busy with two college graduations (one involving a trip to South Carolina!) and the wedding. Doing some of the planning now, while life is "slow", will take some of the stress off of next spring when we are in the middle of graduations, goats, syrup, and calves.
So many awesome things in the future for our family, and I am so thankful the Lord has given us this season of calm. I pray that I can truly enjoy these moments and not find myself rushing on to the next thing, as I often do. I am grateful for this fall season where I can sit back, enjoy, and rest in the time we have here. God has blessed us beyond measure and He knows just what we need, when we need it.
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