Monday, November 3, 2014

Chuck Day 2014: Before and After

                                                  Chuck Day 2014 was a success! 
      We began around 9 AM with the main part of the basement. This is the area that includes my desk (aka: the dumping ground for all things paper), the woodstove (and firewood hoops), and other random "stuff". Here is the "BEFORE" photo from the area of the woodstove looking at my desk:

After a trip to Walmart for some shelves, and about three hours of work we have created order where chaos once ruled:

The desk still needs some organization but since most of it has to do with taxes (home, farm, woodworking business) it will wait until January. But now at least, I can see that my desktop is gray with fake wood trim. I was beginning to wonder...

I have moved my sewing machines into the main room so I can better organize my sewing room for Christmas projects. I should have photos of the newly organized sewing room in a few days. The trophies have been displayed nicely on a new shelf and have been labeled with the correct owner. A new shelf was also added for books that are specific to either my sewing, my writing, or our farm.

After a quick lunch we moved on to the "play area". The "BEFORE" photo shows how everything had been basically piled onto any and every horizontal service. The photo doesn't show the girls' desk area that is piled with books, papers, CD's, and DVD's. You also can't see the layer of dust and dirt from when the chicks were kept in this room for their first few weeks, but trust me, it was there!

By 4 PM we were just about finished except for the last sweeping/vacuuming and dusting of Sam's fire department awards and knick-knacks:

The homeschool shelf was reduced from four shelves to just two, now that only Rachel and Samantha are being schooled. Hannah fixed the broken bench and we noticed that the couch has seen better days. We'll start saving up for a sleeper sofa or a futon type couch; something that will give us options when we host missionaries or have sleepovers with the cousins.

The girls have fewer toys and they are taking better care of their things, so we only had a small pile for donation and just three trash bags for the dump. We discovered that they had not taken down the Christmas decorations from last year and it was voted that they would remain up since Christmas is only 55 days away!

So the basement is now neat and organized! There is still work to do in the mudroom, laundry room, and my sewing room. Those are smaller projects that we will tackle as we have time. So how was your Chuck Day?

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