Thursday, November 13, 2014

Small Business Saturday

So I got this great idea!

"Let's make an event at our farm for Small Business Saturday!" I said.

So we decided that we would clear out the living room and set up my displays of skirts and dresses, bibs and aprons. We'd make up some Vanilla Bean Infused Maple Syrup and some Cinnamon Infused Maple Syrup and let people taste it while checking out our new evaporator and sugar shack. We also would let people visit with the goats too.

And then.


She suggested she could display her handmade jewelry. I thought, "Hey! Why don't we invite other people we know who are 'small business' and see if they want to come too?"

So we did.

And our little event is now a good sized event.

Nathalie will be serving goat milk cheeses from Oak Leaf Dairy, as well as other tasty treats she will be making. One of the potential names she liked for her future bakery was "Nat's Nook". So that's what we are using.

Hannah will have her jewelry. Some really cool stuff she has created with hardware store finds!

Oak Valley Farm will be coming with their honey and hand crafted lamps.

A local artist will have her work displayed. You'll be able to purchase notecards and other items of Bopha Smith's artwork.

Another friend will be bringing her goat milk soap and knitted items for sale.

Quilts and quilted items from Beth Larson.

Lip Balms and herbal salves, as well as candles from Scarlet Begonias

We'll be setting up the grain dispenser so guests can feed the goats.

Of course, I'll be setting up my handmade items for sale as well.

So on November 29th from 9AM- 4PM stop by and check out our little farm and our amazing friends who make some pretty awesome things!
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