Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas in Canterbury

My mom and dad went to Kansas for Christmas, where the spent the week having fun with our family that lives there. So our annual family Christmas party was held the Sunday after they returned. This party is one of the highlights of our Christmas festivities. I so enjoy the company of my brothers, their wives and kids and now, as the family expands, the "significant others" that are joining the group.

UGH! He never lets me take his picture!

So much for, "Smile!"

Yes. That would be an entire stick of butter going into the mashed potatoes!

So the "Eggnog Chocolates" weren't so great.

The "Christmas Overload Meltdown" (COM) in it's earliest stages. (Notice how we are all laughing at her? We are so not nice...)

Chocolate temporarily soothed the savage beast...

I think this was Samantha's favorite gift.

Bringing out the heavy tools for the toy packaging.

Dad took control of the knife to prevent any more "Toy Packaging" injuries.

Aerial view.

Christmas exploded all over the living room.

"Christmas Overload Meltdown" (COM) goes to DEFCON 2.

Great Uncle John's gift of 50 pounds of candy.
 The dentist writes him a thank you note every year...

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