Saturday, September 5, 2015

Things Have Changed

Way back in 2011 I walked around with my camera and took photos of what my mornings looked like:

So things have changed around here. A lot!

My mornings still start early, around 5AM. and I still grab a cup of coffee, but no sugar in it these days.

My Bible and prayer time now happens with an app on my tablet and the Bible study book my friend and I are working on together.

The next thing I do is write out the day's plans for those who are home. Yup, just two kids now.

 I get the girls up to take the dogs out and get the chores done around 6;15AM. With just 4 milking does, 10 laying hens and 25 meat birds (which will be butchered in a month), the chores don't take very long. Rachel and Samantha get their own breakfasts and start on their inside chores: dishes, sweeping floors, cleaning up the bathroom. On school days, they setup their school work at the kitchen table.

Meanwhile, I start a load of laundry.... 

Mornings are very different now that we are a smaller family and have fewer animals. I have more time for projects and getting things done, but there are days I miss the busy-ness and the noise of having a houseful.

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