Monday, October 5, 2015

Bittersweet Moments

A bittersweet weekend as we closed a chapter in our lives. On Sunday we participated in our last goat show: The ADGA show at the Big E. It was pretty incredible to see how much our breeding program has contributed to goats in New England as we saw goats from our lines performing very well in the ring with a wide range of owners and herds. If/When Abby ever decides to pick up where she left off, I have no doubt she will be able to find several of her original bloodlines out there. 

Samantha finished her 4-H goat experience on Saturday on a high note as well. Her doe Cedars of Lebanon Dollymadison was Reserve Senior Oberhasli and her doe Owl-Ridge A Fionn's Ciara was high producing Oberhasli. Samantha placed well enough in fitting and showmanship classes, but it was very clear to us, her parents, that her heart is not in it and that we have made the right decision in selling the herd. 

Sam and I both truly enjoyed working with the youth this weekend and will still continue being involved in the 4-H goat program as 4-H leaders and committee members. The six kids from our club that attended the big E this weekend (both for goats and sheep) worked hard, performed well, had fun, and demonstrated all the good that 4-H has to teach about life, hard work, and achieving goals. 

We will miss being involved with the goat world, but the friendships we have made in the last 15 years are ones we treasure and certainly are based on more than just goats. Good, hard working people who will reach out and give you a hand up when you need it. Thank you for being an incredible blessing to our family!

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