Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Very Best Gift

Christmas Day is done! We had a wonderful Christmas with my Grandparents and my parents. I received such well thought out gifts from my girls and Sam: drinking glasses (a GREAT gift as we were down to six glasses: a family of seven, you do the math!), picture frames, homemade bookmarks, chip and dip bowls, pajamas, and a set of knives. I think one of my favorite gifts was: The Princess Bride 20th Anniversary DVD! That movie is the most quoted movie in our house!

The very best gift was getting to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my Grandparents and my parents. Watching my girls show how grown-up they can be as the pitched in and cleared, washed, and dried dishes. Listening to my husband and my Grandfather exchanged stories. Standing elbow to elbow with my Grandmother at the kitchen sink, washing and drying the dishes together. Quietly doing a puzzle with my Dad at the end of the evening after everyone had left. The pictures of 6 year old Samantha sitting with her 85 year old Great Grandfather and both of them sound asleep, is a precious thing. My children are so blessed to have both sets of grandparents and a set of Great Grandparents to enjoy.
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