Saturday, December 8, 2007


You know it has been a long two weeks of children with the stomach bug, when it is 2 AM and you can hear a child throwing up and your first thought is: "Please be an older child who has managed to get themselves to the toilet."

No such luck though. Six year old Samantha managed to get her bed, the floor of her room, the hall, the bathroom floor, the side of the toilet and trace amounts into the toilet. The good news: Hannah, Rachel and Samantha had cleaned their room last night and so I don't have a mountain of laundry, stuffed animals and school books to clean up!

Only one kid has managed to not be sick yet. Rachel will probably fall any day now though.

Looks like Hannah's birthday party will be pushed back, yet again. Poor kid, not only does her birthday have to be stuck in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, now she has to keep waiting for everyone to be healthy. The thought has crossed my mind though: My parents have already had the bug; we could have the party anyway... I wonder if Mom would go for it....?
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