Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Girl Scout cookies

It is Girl scout cookie time here in Connecticut! With 5 girls in scouts it gets very interesting around here. At least this year they reduced the number of boxes the girls have to sell in order to get a patch from 45! to 25.

Twenty-five is still a lot of cookies when you have to multiply it by 5! So we have developed a system where the youngest child gets their 25 box quota first and then the next aged child and so on. The older girls all have their own friends and contacts from babysitting and such, so they can usually get pretty close on their own. If the older ones are 2-3 boxes from hitting the 25 box mark, I will make up the difference.

One of my husband's nieces called me last night about buying cookies. I should probably preface this with the fact that this niece is 25 years old. Her first question: "What color is the box the shortbread cookies come in?" Now the normal mom wouldn't know the answer to that question, but, I happen to not be a "normal"mom. I happen to be cookie mom for 2 troops, 3 years running. Yes, I have been called "insane"; I actually knew the color was blue. This niece then proceded to order cookies based on the color of the box.

When I relayed this little conversation to my husband who was lying on the couch barely alive from this super nasty cold we have been cursed with, he nearly died. No, I am serious. He started laughing and then he started coughing and he nearly stopped breathing. It took him 20 minutes to be okay again.
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