Monday, April 28, 2008

Late night/Early morning

Last night I decided we would stay home from evening service at church since Sam was at work and Hannah was still a little draggy. Around 6:30PM the phone rang. Bridget was home by herself, her parents were out on errands, and her doe was starting to kidd. So I gathered my gear and went over to hang with her until either the doe kidded or the parents returned.

When the parents got home, we watched the doe for a bit. I decided I needed to get back home since the doe was obviously taking her sweet time about the whole thing. Since this is their second time ever kidding, I let them know that they could call me if anything didn't look right. Back at home, I curled up on the couch with a good book:

About 10:20 the phone rings. "We have two sacs; not one. And no feet." Ruh-roh. I wake Abby to tell her I am leaving (Find out in the AM that while her eyes opened and she spoke to me, the child never really was awake).

I walk into the barn, and we do indeed have two sacs. We got that sorted out and the first kidd is delivered completely breech: behind first. The second kidd delivers real easy. A buck and a doe.

I hang around a bit to make sure everyone is good to go and finally get home to my warm bed around 12:30AM.
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