Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nothing Done

Ever have a day where you feel like you got nothing accomplished and yet, you are exhausted? Yesterday was that day.

First thing I dealt with was Samantha and her sore throat: Bed and no school.

Next, Abby's cat was chased up a tree on Sunday. Yesterday morning it was still up there despite Sam's assurances that you never see cat skeletons in trees. A stray male cat is in the yard harassing the other cat. It is quite friendly and healthy and I am hoping it will go back home. Unfortunately people see our yard, children and animals and think it is the perfect place to "dump" animals.

Rachel gets on the bus and Hannah is given instructions to try to tempt the cat out of the tree with food. Sam and I leave to take the van to the auto mechanic to figure out why we have gone through 3 batteries in 5 months.
Once there, we wait around until the mechanic tells us he needs to replace the alternator and the van won't be ready until the afternoon. So we swing by my mom's for a few minutes before heading back to Lebanon to pick up Rachel from school for her Doctor's appointment.

Rachel gets her chicken pox booster and does much better than last time; last time she kicked the nurse. The doctor informs me that she can't recommend any testing for Rachel until the school does a complete evaluation and refers it to her. Then she can order hearing testing, etc. She did order some preliminary bloodwork which can rule out certain things.

So we bring Rachel back to school after stopping for a treat for her at Burger King (BLECH!). We drive home to find the cat has come down from 75 feet up to about 60 feet up. Sam calls a friend who has a really tall ladder. Nathalie is ready to leave for girl scouts by then. Sam tells me the ladder will be arriving later in the evening. We drive Nathalie to girl scouts together just in case the mechanic calls. He doesn't, so we drive home again.

Once home, I check in on Samantha who is still sounding scratchy but is not fever-y. I gather up all the library books that are either overdue or nearly overdue. Rachel gets off the bus and the girls go out to take care of the animals as Sam gets the call from the mechanic. So we head off to pick up Nathalie from girl scouts and drop off the library books before heading to get the van.

I drive the van home. I first stop at the grocery store since we need few things. After, as I get on the highway the red battery light comes on and the battery gauge pegs out above the number 18. The mechanic is now closed and I have no cell phone, so I decide that I will just drive it home. I discover that if I let off the gas and coast the light goes off and the needle falls to normal. It also does it if I open and close the power windows. I get home and inform Sam who has the ladder and is trying to get the cat out of the tree. He manages to get the cat down which is quite dehydrated and hungry.

We eat dinner late. Rachel plays waitress while Samantha takes a bath before going to bed. Abby reads them their story while I try to get some laundry done. I think I fell asleep on the couch around 9PM.

Today we will probably do "nothing" all day again since the van must go back to the mechanic and Samantha has girl scouts.
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