Wednesday, May 7, 2008


No phone call yet from our 4H'er! Yes, it is only 6AM....

On the GOOD news end of things: Sam has a job interview at Tractor Supply in Griswold tomorrow! We really need this job! There has been precious little wiggle room in our budget this past month. We have always taught our kids that God will provide us with what we need. We have very much learned what a generous God we have these past few months. Not only have we had our needs met, even some of our wants have been granted!

This week is the last official week for the homeschooled kids! We will continue to do Math and English through the summer. The girls are starting to work on their 4H Fair projects so in reality they are still being educated; just in the non-traditional subjects. All three are doing sewing projects; Nathalie is knitting; Hannah is working on some pastel and watercolor art; Abby is also working on watercolor artwork; Nathalie has been baking as she tries to perfect her recipes (not such a good thing for my waistline!).

The summer is shaping up to be a lot of fun! We have a field trip to the zoo planned for the end of the month and the girl cousins from Kansas and New Hampshire will be here for the second week in July. 4H Camp starts the last week in June and our first fair is the middle of July. We have to start summer vacation in May so that we can fit it all in!
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