Saturday, May 24, 2008

Photos of our Day at the ZOO!

What an AWESOME day we had at the Roger Williams Zoo in Rhode Island! The weather couldn't have been more perfect: sunny, slight breeze, warm but not hot.

We had a great group of kids: ours and the Rodgers family. It is neat how our two families really seem to merge together so well. Nathalie and Hannah love to chase William. Grace and Rachel are, of course, best friends and Samantha and Dianna are friends. Gordon and Sam share a love of all things cars and both grew up in about the same area. Phyllis and I share a lot of the same values and I forsee a homeschooling future for her! Welcome to the vortex, Phyllis!

We got to the zoo bright and early, around 9:30. We checked out our maps and developed a strategy. We were fortunate that many of the animals were outside and easily visible. We even got to see an anteater! Every other time we have been to a zoo the anteaters have always been indoors and invisible. We also saw a crazy crane that was pecking at it's own reflection but with his head turned upside down! We saw some really cool sheep that looked like goats and Rachel got to see her snow leopard.

We were kind of disappointed at the number of exhibits that were not open for various reasons. But we did get to visit the butterfly exhibit before it was open! They were filming commercials for it and asked our girls (and William) to walk through so they could film and tape their reactions! Because it was a commercial the girls got to interact more with the butterfly keeper and some of the girls got to hold and touch butterflies. They were able to see a butterfly just hatched from it's coccoon!

We had such a lovely time! We arrived home around 4:30, just in time to milk and feed the animals, eat a quick sandwich and run off again to decorate the parade float!

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