Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Vacation!!!

Today is the last day of Public school! YAY! Time to switch over to the Summer routines. I use the MOTH (Managers Of Their Homes) method of scheduling our household. I use it rather loosely because I have found with Sam's schedule being so erratic, I was constantly having his plans bump up against mine.

We have a lot planned this summer! For the month of June we have:
CPR training
Baby Shower for my sister-in-law
Clover Camp for Samantha
4H Camp for the other 4 girls
Painting and rearranging of bedrooms
Refinishing the floor in what will be the Master Bedroom

July has:
3 Cousins arriving for Camp Smith
Finishing the second bathroom renovations
North Stonington Fair
Sleepovers at Meme's
4H Fair
Sam's Trip to Kentucky to pick up a new goat
Maybe the CT ADGA goat show in Tolland

August has:
Chester Fair
Lebanon Fair
Harvesting Honey
Annual "Campfire Under the Stars" party

And we will "do school" every day for an hour or two, work on projects (baking, sewing, painting, drawing, etc.) for the various fairs, swim at the lake, go letterboxing, gardening, biking, visits to the library, build forts in the woods, trips to Grandma's, trips to Meme's, trips to local museums, carload night at the Drive-In...

I love summer!
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